Ashby Wesley’s Prayer Tree

Ashby Wesley’s Prayer Tree

Ashby Wesley’s Prayer Tree

For some while I have felt that the grassed area in front of the bus stop would be an ideal spot for a prayer tree. Somewhere where passers by or Ashby Wesley family members or users of the bus stop can place a pray request. The large tree to the east of the grounds is somewhat high to reach so a smaller version would be ideal.

Having just reached the end of my Local Preacher’s studies, I felt I wanted to reflect my gratitude in a tangible way, to our amazing God and the Wesley family for their inspiration and prayerful support.

This combination enabled me to complete the “challenge” that a few years ago I would have said was “impossible.” The prayer tree is the outcome. With God, amazing things are possible!

It was not just a matter of planting a tree. It had to be the right size and the grass would still need cutting. So, after much thought, I hit upon the idea of this variety of Salix (the Flamingo tree) which could be kept to a height of about 1.5metres with a paved surround.

Investigations into suitable paving led me to the local branch of Jackson Shipley where I happen to have taught children of two of the employees. The yard man (dad of four lovely children) was really helpful. Eventually we came across some broken sandstone paving. It was a light bulb moment! I could crazy-pave the surround. I asked about cost and we ventured to the sales desk where the second parent (dad of a further four lovely children) was working. Ten minutes later my car was loaded with the broken sandstone paving, two bags of sand and a bag of cement at no cost “because it’s for a church project.” WOW!

Talk about the cat that got the cream! With the valuable assistance of my buddy, Bryan, holes were dug, ground prepared, slabs laid, the tree purchased along with some beautiful slate bits and the job completed. God is great!

The next project is to extend and enrich the wildflower area. Keep watching for signs of growth next spring and early summer!