Message from Rev Angy 1st March 2021

Message from Rev Angy 1st March 2021

A Note from Angy

If Rev Paul had been writing this letter to the Circuit on St David’s Day I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have had to resort to Wikipedia to look up some information about Wales’ patron saint. I, however, did. According to that font of all knowledge the man who would become a saint was bishop of Mynyw (now St Davids) during the 6th century. He is said to have gained some independence for the Welsh Church from Rome, established monasteries, and was a renown preacher and teacher. As with all good saints he also performed miracles: One which comes in for particular mention was the formation of a hill on which the village of Llanddewi Brefi now stands, as the ground rose up beneath his feet as he preached. The Welsh historian and broadcaster; John Davies observed ‘that one can scarcely "conceive of any miracle more superfluous" in that part of Wales than the creation of a new hill.’

Saints are supposed to be an inspiration to us, setting examples for us to follow, as they follow closely in the footsteps of Christ. Unfortunately, all too often, it seems to me, saints are so other-worldly, so put up on pedestals, that we cannot hope to achieve half of what they did, and they can be off-putting rather than inspiring. However, a thing we need to remember is that frequently Saint Paul began his letters to churches around the eastern Mediterranean with; ‘To the saints in …..’ He saw the people he was writing to, often for the purpose of correcting them or dealing with some dispute, as saints, people who were trying to be Christ-like, even though they were sometimes far from perfect. I’m sure, too, that if we were to look beyond the hagiographies written about our saints with their amazing miracles and perfect attitudes, we would find some real-world, less than perfect people, who were also simply trying their best to follow the example of Jesus.

Looking for Saints

Don't look for holy and righteous men and women

who wear halos and are ringed with light,

you won't find many.

Look instead at your neighbour,

look instead at the tired carers and worried parents,

look instead at yourself

and see in their eyes the saints of God.

Today's Saint Columbas

today's Saint Brides

today's Saint Andrews

People with the greatest commandment ingrained in their souls.

Who intuitively love

and share that love with

and for the world.

The place is full of God's saints.

Rev Roddy Hamilton, Clydebank

God bless,